Novel News! Angel I Am Not (Phoenix Elite #3)

Scene from:

Angel I Am Not.
Avril sighed and laid her blade on the kitchen table.
I marveled at its design, a curved double-edged, black blade with a ruby red hilt, one blade larger than the other and polished to reflection perfection. I shivered. This woman, as bad as I hated to admit it, scared me. She lacked the softness in her eyes that I had always seen in the photos lying around the Gannon house. Maybe being apart from Elora and Sam Gannon had been harder on her than the two of them. Still, I owed this woman no sympathy. Avril had been in the wrong.

Best portrayal of Avril’s blade I could find. Story behind blade…Sam had it made especially for Avril & presented it to her on their wedding day…the only thing Sam found missing from Avril’s Hope chest after her ‘death’.








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