Books We Wished More People Knew About

For all you Twihards who feel lost at the closing of the final installment of the Twilight Saga check out Scott Prussing and his Blue Fire Saga! You’ll get your fix with this Twilight like series and maybe even develop a love for a whole new series. Worth the read.

Breathless~ Blue Fire Saga

A New Blurb to Share for 17 & GONE

I completely agree!!!

distraction no.99

It’s a thrilling, humbling, exciting moment when an author you admire speaks out and vouches for you with a beautiful blurb. I am so excited to share this blurb for 17 & Gone from Kiersten White, who read the book and liked it so much that she actually reached out and offered (and I shrieked and squealed and thanked her effusively, and will probably tackle her with a hug if I ever get the chance to meet her at a book event), because when an author you admire says kind words about your book, there is nothing like it. Because she said this:

“17 & Gone is a sharply compelling story of what happens when we stop seeing what’s in front of us and start looking for what’s already gone. Intricately plotted and surreally imagined… Suma breaks reality and twists it back together in a devastating and beautiful new…

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I’m Ba-aack! Books We Wish More People Knew About

Hey peoples…sorry I’ve been MIA but I’ve had the worst head cold known to man. Yuck. Anyways…I usually do the whole Books We Wish More People Knew About segment at least once a week…I’m currently reading I Am Number Four  by Pittacus Lore and I’m sure I’ll have loads to say about this author as I continue with this series. But since I haven’t finished this one and I don’t want to base my words solely on the movie created as a result of this book…I will move on. (I find that the book is usually much better.) So, without further adieu…I want to give props to Amanda Hocking. The woman single-handedly took on the digital book world and proved to all the big publishing houses that they were wrong about turning her down and she totally proved that with her Trylle trilogy. I have yet to read the Watersong series but I highly doubt that it disappoints! More on that later. Today I’m adding my own novel to this category. I so wish more people knew about Phoenix…when you’re published with a small publishing house it is harder than heck to make it into the  mainstream public’s eye. If I had my way about it…more authors would follow my lead and support authors who have the goods and get no respect. I for one want to see the underdog do well (especially when the underdog is me, lol) So please check these novels out & give these authors props!!!!!! Support your fav authors whether they are big house published or Indie, they need your support!!!!

Amanda Hocking~ Amazon

Ascend the first novel in the Trylle trilogy

Ascend the first novel in the Trylle trilogy

Melissa Starr~ Amazon

Phoenix, book 1 from the Phoenix Elite series

Phoenix, book 1 from the Phoenix Elite series