Ruhk’s Rising; Phoenix Elite Book 2~ Excerpt

Ruhk’s Rising; Phoenix Elite Book 2~ Excerpt from Chapter 11

“She bled to death. Or so I was told.” His voice was shaky and distant. He became silent for a few seconds, then- “But when I found her, there wasn’t really enough blood on the scene to justify that prognosis. She was a ghastly shade of white and they did verify later that she had less than half a liter of blood in her whole body upon autopsy.” He sniffed and pushed on. “I remember finding her on the floor; her face was like snow, her body like ice. The contrast of that mahogany hair of hers against her cheek was the most morbidly beautiful thing I’d ever laid eyes on. Snow White was the first image that came to mind except that my Snow White no longer had a heartbeat.” I shivered as my father narrated his memories to me. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to hear what he had to say. I braced myself. “I sank to the floor unsure of what to do and cried like a baby. But I quickly realized I was running out of time. If I hadn’t found her when I did, you’d be dead too…” He trailed off. I mentally reached out to my father and pain ripped through me like a dagger. I could see my mother’s lifeless form through my father’s eyes lying on the same wood-patterned linoleum that still covered our kitchen floor today. There he was, her head still cradled in his lap weeping. But he didn’t take time to mourn her loss long. I watched as realization set in, he was going to lose two lives if he didn’t act fast. He had a mission. A feeling of determination, both mine and his, washed over me as I delved deeper into his thoughts and feelings. He run his hand along my dead mothers distended abdomen. It was still warm. His heart leaped with hope. He ripped her button down maternity top open exposing her naked skin and exhaled with anger and frustration at what he was being forced to do. He then drew a kitchen knife from a drawer above his head.

I backed out of his thoughts. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t watch him mutilate my mother’s body to retrieve me from her womb. I sobbed. The line was silent. “Daddy?” I croaked.

“Princess?” I could tell he was crying too.

“I’m sorry I asked about mom. I won’t bring her up again.” Trembles danced over me. I knew what had happened with my mother was bad enough to make my father file it away but I hadn’t known how bad.


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