10 Things You Didn’t Know About Melissa Starr

1. I drink entirely too many cokes! I have to have my caffeine when I write. But I’m not fond of coffee.

2. I’m super phobic of scorpions. I’d rather roll around in a bed full of spiders than to be within 50 feet of a scorpion.

3. I love Mexican food. I would probably eat it on a daily basis if my family would.

4. I’ve written poetry since I was 10 years old but have never shared it with more than my family.

5. Had I been allowed…I would’ve played football in high school. In a heartbeat. Love me some football.

6. I have a few OCD’s. Like, I hate covers shifting off my bed in the middle of the night so I safety pin the corners to the bed. (I know, I know. Lol.)

7. I love being outdoors, all of the time. I’d live in the mountains and a wooded area if I could get my family to move. Ironically, I’ve lived in a flat plain part of the country all of my life.

8. I love cookie dough!

9. I hate animal cruelty and hunting for sport makes me crazy. I know that people have their hobbies and if you’re eating the meat, its fine, but hunting JUST to have a trophy on your wall just feels wrong to me.

10. My family and friends call me a Hobbit. I tend to hibernate year round unless we’re trekking outdoors for camping or my kids sporting events.


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