Melissa Starr’s Top 10 Favorite Author’s

I am going to start with number 10 & work my way down to the #1 spot. Of course this is subject to change as I devour book after book over the next few weeks, months, years…lol

10. Roger Zelazney for Chronicles of Amber series

9. Piers Anthony for Xanth series- genius!

8. Stephanie Meyer for Twilight Saga

7. Melanie Wells for Dylan Foster series

6. Kristen Britain for Green Rider series

5. Amanda Hocking for Trylle series

4. Suzanne Collins for Hunger Games series

3. Richelle Mead for Vampire Academy series

2. Becca Fitzpatrick for Hush, Hush series

1. Cassandra Clare for Mortal Instruments series


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